Youth Group Scoop


During the month of June, our children and young people will be exploring the theme of “Spiritual Wisdom and How to Follow It.”  We’ll be looking at how we can access our own inner wisdom when we’re faced with choices in our lives.  Our special focus this month will be on the Science of Mind Teaching symbol and how it helps us remember how the creative process works.  We’ll also be celebrating summer, with chances to make snow-cones, go on nature walks around the Center, play games that teach spiritual truths, and create memorable crafts that help us celebrate the God qualities of creativity and beauty.   

Our teens are looking forward to CSL Summer Camp in Idyllwild, California.  Teen camp provides a safe and welcoming place where teens can experience and express their own spiritual magnificence.      

We welcome children, young people, and teens from 0 to 18, and seek to provide fun, engaging, inspiring age-appropriate activities and lessons for each age group.  We also welcome parents to attend and see what your children are learning as you participate in our classes.  Each week we enjoy singing, praying, meditating, participating in simple rituals, playing games, discussing spiritual truths, and sharing what’s going on in our lives.  Our lessons are based on the teachings of our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, and we use stories and examples from faith traditions around the world. 

During this month of June, our children, with their examples of unconditional love and eagerness for life and new adventures, can be a source of great spiritual wisdom for all of us.