Youth Group Scoop


December is a month of joy and light for the children, young people, and teens of CSLGLV.  We’ll start the month off by discussing the concepts of forgiveness, kindness, and keeping our promises, and by introducing a new “six directions” candle-lighting ritual as part of our time together.  As Christmas approaches, we’ll enjoy making gifts and decorations and sharing stories of new birth and new life from many different traditions, including stories from the earth-based religions, Native American religions, and various other faith traditions.

The rituals of the holiday season have deep and powerful metaphysical roots.  For children, Christmas is about setting clear intentions, waiting patiently with positive expectations, and then seeing the intentions they set manifest into form.  One thing I love most about the Christmas season is that everyone, regardless of their beliefs or preferences, joins together to teach children these powerful lessons about the process of setting intentions and manifesting what they envision.

In addition to stories and spiritual practices, our younger children will also enjoy making gifts for their families, decorating Christmas cookies, and making holiday decorations that can be brought out and remembered year after year.  

During December, our teens will be completing their preparations and fund-raising for Winter Teen Camp in January.  The camp where winter camp has been held was destroyed by the California fires, so we ask for your prayers in knowing all is well with the new site.  Our Center provides full or partial scholarships for teens who have been active participants in our teen group.  If you would like to contribute to this fund, please indicate “teen camp scholarship fund” on your payment or envelope.  There is also a donate button linked to this account on our website.  This is a fulfilling way to make a powerful and permanent difference in a teen’s life.  In January, we’ll look forward to an exciting report from those who attend.