Youth Group Scoop

youth We may tend to think that children live carefree, untroubled lives with all their needs being provided and few real responsibilities.  Unfortunately, it seems this is not actually the case.  In fact, children experience many of the same challenges adults do, and these experiences may actually be more difficult for them, especially if they lack the knowledge and tools to deal with what they’re facing. 

In our own youth church, we have children who are dealing with the deaths of pets and loved family members; divorce, family break-ups, and fighting between family members; uncertainty about the future; moves and new schools; and illnesses, injuries or other medical issues faced by themselves or family members. 

As we meet together each week in youth church, we do several things to support our children and young people in dealing with these challenges.  First, we provide, a safe and loving place where children can express their concerns and fears.  Second, we teach true principles, by reminding children that wherever they are and whatever they need, they are surrounded by love.  In addition, we teach children the power inherent in stating their intentions and then being ready to accept abundance and good into their lives. 

In short, we teach our children the same truths that we as adults need to remember and practice.