Youth Group Scoop


During the month of October, our children and young people will be exploring the ideas of prosperity, abundance, and wealth.  We’ll play a money game in which those who give the most always end up with the most.  We’ll learn about how the Israelites received manna to feed them in the wilderness and how Jesus fed 5000 people with two small fish and five little barley rolls.  A story from the Native American tradition will remind us that the more we share, the more we have. We’re committed to using stories from many faith traditions, with an emphasis on truth, rather than on whether a particular event actually happened or not.

As they do every year, our children are looking forward to coming in costume on the Sunday before Halloween, and joining in the Center’s Halloween parade.  We like to use Halloween as a way to teach that we should not judge by appearances, and that beneath the exteriors other see, we are all expressions of God.

Our Center’s mission of inspiring spiritual discovery through community, connection, exploration, and celebration shows up in immediate and practical ways each Sunday as our children pray together, play together, create together, and explore new ideas together.

As part of our ongoing contribution to creating a “World that Works for Everyone,” our young people continue to collect money to sponsor two children in the feeding program at the Briton School associated with our sister CSL community in Kenya.

As the number of children and young people we serve continues to grow, we are always seeking passionate, committed volunteers who would like to be part of this amazing ministry.  If you feel called to join us, please heed that call!  You can see Rev. Claire Summerhill in Room 3 after service, or talk to Rev. Doug or Lynn Frankenberger, RScP in the Church Office.