Youth Group Scoop-February

youthAs the new year began, we introduced a new theme for our Youth & Family Ministry, the theme of “Spirituality in Action.” In January we focused on how our connection to the Divine shows up in practical and meaningful ways in our daily lives.  For children and young people, who are active and energetic by nature, doing is both more important and more fun than thinking or talking.  Because of this, our year of “Spirituality in Action” will focus on projects with immediate results that can be seen – service projects, collecting funds for the feeding program at the Briton school in Kenya, clean-up projects at the Center, caring for the poor and vulnerable, and so on.

In February, we’ll be considering the idea of “Oneness” and especially the recognition of our shared humanity and how much we need each other.  As part of exploring the idea of oneness, each child will create their own SOM Teaching Symbol and (hopefully!) be able to explain the way this symbol represents the creative process.  In addition, during February, each child will begin a new journal, which they can add to throughout the year as a record of what they’ve learned and done.