Youth Group Scoop-April


During the month of April, our children and young people will be exploring the ideas of diversity and inclusion, as we look at the beauty and uniqueness of each individual person.  This continues our discussion of our 2019 theme of "Spirituality in Action," and how we feel the love of God both because of what we think and believe, and also because of what we do. 

On April 21st, Easter Sunday, our teens will hide treat and toy-filled eggs for our younger ones to find.  We use the Easter story to emphasize that good is always all around us, but that we have to look for it, just as we have to keep looking to find all the brightly colored eggs. 

Our teens continue their fundraising efforts to pay for CSL Teen Camp this summer.  Your support and love is greatly appreciated as our teens work toward their goals.  We hope you know what a profound difference you make in the lives of these young people.