Youth Group Scoop-October


Our Youth and Family Ministry continues to expand and evolve.  What joy it brings us to watch our children grow and mature, as they learn to know and express the truth of who they are.    

As leaders and teachers of our youth, this is our affirmation for 2019.  It reminds each of us of the importance of what we do, and the difference we make. 

Through the power of example, the energy of music,

 the wonder of stories from many faith traditions, and the fun of play,

I teach the joy of living life fully,

as I provide a loving, supportive, and welcoming place

for the children and young people of our Center.

In September, our focus in youth church was on being good stewards of our planet.  Younger children are naturally concerned about endangered animals and forests being cut down, while older children and teens are concerned about what the world will be like as they reach adulthood.   

In October, we’ll be talking about cherishing our human family, and how we are all one.  For younger children, their own immediate families are the most important people in their lives, and often their experience of what it means to be loved and supported is based on their experience of their own families.  We’ll explore how, in a world that works for everyone, the kind of love we feel in our families expands to reach out to our entire human family, blessing and transforming the world.