Youth Group Scoop-August


July was a fun and exciting month for our youth.  Eight teens went to CSL Summer Camp, and we look forward to hearing them share their fun and transformative experiences.  We are grateful for everyone who supported them in any way, including your prayers and positive thoughts, your financial gifts and support, and your help in registering and driving.  The camp experience is a wonderful example of what we can do when we join together.

Our younger children enjoyed July as well, with discussions on what it means to be free, outdoor parades with musical instruments, and fun crafts that encourage them to express their creativity in new and interesting ways.  One very warm Sunday in July, we enjoyed making our own “snow-cones,” and even the youngest wanted a chance to turn the crank to see the flavored ice appear. 

In August, we’re looking forward to pool parties and summer ending as school begins again.  Our focus will be on gratitude, emphasizing the idea that by blessing what we want to receive, we become part of bringing the experiences we want into our lives.

As always, we are deeply appreciative of the generous and committed volunteers who support our  young people.  It is because of their willingness to give of themselves that our Youth and Family Ministry continues to blossom and grow.