The Hidden Spark Workshop

hiddensparkSunday, May 20th - 12:00 p.m. - $20.00 - All proceeds go to the Food and Faith Program

   The Hidden Spark workshop is based on the best selling book from India.  
    Authors Vikas Trivedi, a teacher of psychology, and Smita Agarwal, a professional Pranic Healer, as well as mentors from Spain, Germany and the USA, give us insight to becoming the masters of our life by mastering our mind. 
   Come join us as we explore the Subconscious Mind, our Mental blockages that prevent us from succeeding and different healing modalities of the Mind. 
   Vanessa Beba, a Neurotherapist intern and mentor of the book The Hidden Spark, will show us easy practical ways to assist us in self-healing our mind. 
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