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Signup for Spirit Groups Start April 14th.

A SpiritGroup is a small gathering of people who meet at a home or other location outside the regular Sunday and Wednesday services and are often focused on a theme or common interest.  SpiritGroup sign-ups launch three times per year, plus we offer a few ongoing groups so you can find a day, time, and group that works for you.  Gatherings include socializing, sharing food, and 90 minutes of sacred time for prayer, meditation, and discussion.  Each 10-week cycle culminates with a service project and social celebration that connects the whole community!

Interested in the possibility of joining a group?

The first step is to simply let us know if you are interested.  Signups for groups begins on April 14th and our first series of meetings begins the week of April 28th. There will be a variety of topics this spring including a deepening conversation into the book "Small Great Things",  "Infinite Connections: A Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth", "What If Everything Goes Right" and "Touching the Stillness".

If you are unable to make it to the Center, you can still indicate your interest by clicking on or copy and pasting the link: https://spiritgroups.groupvitals.com/groupFinder?campus-check=0&grouptype-check=&lifestage-check=&groupmodel-check=&meetingtime-check=&meetingday-check=&childcare-check=&campus%5B%5D=1932&group-type%5B%5D=all&meeting-time=all&meeting-day%5B%5D=all&life-stage%5B%5D=all&child-care=all

There is a map view and a list view.  When you click on the group you are interested in, and view the group profile, you will be able to let the group leader know you are interested and they will contact you.

SpiritGroups are a gift to you from Center for Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas.  Money for the Center will not be collected during the meetings.  We appreciate your generous donations to the Center to keep this program thriving.