More Questions/Ideas for the Evolution of CSLGLV

Here is an idea that's been shared, and there will be at least one group forming.  Read on!

This group will create and invite others to engage in prayer, meditation, silence, visioning, exploring Ernest Holmes teachings - whatever manner you are Spirit-led, in High Watch for our Center, during this time of our Upward Spiral Evolution!

The Special Membership Meeting is on August 18th, followed by the General Membership Meeting on September 15th.  Each will be times for the Membership to speak to what is in their hearts on matters regarding our Center.

The Leadership Council is asking for this "Dwelling in the Divine Nature", as one Beloved stated, and open to what is being brought forth.  We know we live in a Realm of Possibilities, yet we must align and listen for Divine Guidance.

We want God before us, making our path straight --- We want and need your help as we are guided to move our feet.  Whether you are near or far, we are One Mind.

We are blessed to have your High Consciousness.

This Group will need a Lead Person(s) who will be communicating with the others in the group.  To have as many participate in your sessions as possible, we can post a flyer and send out an email flyer as well.
If you are interested in participating in such a group (or even leading one), send an email to:
[email protected]