Membership Orientation

 Membership: Moving from Attendee to Owner/Investor


Sundays, February 17th and 24th - 12:00 to 2:30 p.m.

Everyone is welcome at Center for Spiritual Living, Greater Las Vegas. Our hope is that anyone who comes to a service, event, class, meeting or ceremony discovers something about themselves or the Universe that they didn't know, or hadn't felt, before.

Sometimes, simply attending and paritcipating in our various functions is enough. And sometimes, the heart and soul yearn for more -- more connection, more clarity, more understanding, more meaning...

 One of the ways to find those things is to explore what Membership in CSLGLV means. Our Membership Orientation -- comprised of two free sessions -- is the perfect way to learn about all apsects of Membership: what is expected of our Members, and what our Members can expect of the Center. Attendees hear from ministry leaders, department heads, and key volunteers. Questions are welcome, and transparency is our goal.

There is a sublte but very powerful shift that happens for individuals who opt in to Membership at CSLGLV. This shift usually transcends words; it is a movement of energy that results in one taking "ownership" of the Center in ways that non-Members can't. Beyond being an owner of the community, Members are also investors, devoting time, talent and treasure in deeper and more lasting ways than they gave before they became Members.

Our Membership Orientation series are offered three times per year -- February, July, and November -- and are promoted in Sunday and Wednesday services, and on our website and in the weekly newsletter (click here to subscribe to the newsletter). Orientation attendees are not required to become Members after the series, but anyone wishing to become a Member must attend the Orientation sessions.