Leadership Council Perspective-Diane Joslin

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As we gratefully thank Barbara Schweppe and Theo Anne Byrns, RScP for their service on the Leadership Council, we warmly welcome Practitioners Christine Paige and Stacy Vogel as new members on the Council.  Barb and Theo set the tone for the past three years with their devotion and dedication, and we look forward and welcome the new ideas and perspective that Christine and Stacy will bring to us.

This fall starts a new season of classes, seminars, and opportunities.  Recently the congregation was invited to participate in a “Visioning Fair,” a powerful tool to help map the future of CSLGLV.  The areas visioned for were sacred ceremonies, bookstore, education/major events, advertising/marketing, and volunteer coordinator.  Coming up on Sunday, October 7th is a workshop on practical tools for greater prosperity presented by our newest member, Richard Huston, RScP.  See the flyer in the lobby, and sign up at our website (cslglv.org)!

SpiritGroups is growing by leaps and bounds – an attendance increase of over 60% from the first session held this spring.  I missed out on the spring series but was fortunate to join a group this fall and already very much look forward to each week.  This type of ministry helps our Center grow in conscious connection in a small, informal setting, and may be just what you have been looking for!  The next series will begin in January.

If you attended the Annual Membership Meeting on September 9th, you heard me speak of how the Leadership Council continues to vision, pray, and brainstorm how we as a Center might start to flourish financially in the next few months.  Do you hold in high esteem and consciousness the value of what CSLGLV offers?  Can you shift your consciousness from “contributor” to “owner”?  Do you want the Law of Circulation to expand in ever-widening circles, not only in your financial affairs, but also to include your personal and business relationships, in fact every area of your life?  I recently took a leap of faith, taking a look at my prosperity consciousness and found that by increasing my conscious contributions, my life has started to shift in amazing ways!  It is certainly true that the more you give, the more you receive!