Leadership Council Perspective-Barbara Schweppe



It was a good year for the Leadership Council and a good year for CSLGLV.  A greater awareness has been unfolding that seems to be present in many conversations around the Center.  I love it.  Being on the Council is much more interesting when people are excited about what can be with their spiritual home.

In 2017, one of the most important items of business for the Council was renewal of Rev. Doug’s Letter of Call, the contract for his ministerial employment, which comes up for review and renewal on a biennial basis.  This process began with the 2016/2017 Council and was completed by the 2017/2018 Council.  The responsibility to represent the CSLGLV community in this important matter was executed with the dignity and thoroughness it deserved.

The Letter of Call review process involves much discussion between Rev. Doug and the Council.  It entails understanding Rev. Doug’s most recent goals and objectives while also quantifying input from the CSLGLV community in recent years.  This input is then organized and given to both Rev. Doug and each Council member to be evaluated.

This process resulted in extending the evaluation time period.  The Council requested that Rev. Doug take some additional time to identify and then present his personal ten year vision for CSLGLV.  Some of our questions were: Where will you be in 10 years, What will CSLGLV be doing in 10 years, Where will CSLGLV be in 10 years.  Our purpose was to unite behind Rev. Doug, with an exciting vision of what’s to come of CSLGLV in the next ten years.


Rev. Doug presented a vision of growth for CSLGLV that the Council is excited about.  We feel it will be the catalyst for change in some areas and a shot of energy for other areas.  The ten year vision is definitely for those who want to see CSLGLV walk the talk of A World that Works for Everyone.

This ten year vision covers many areas from growth of Empower U, Youth & Family Ministry, third party workshop and seminars, to expansion of our weekly Celebration Services with ever improving music and audio/video.

A very important portion of Rev. Doug’s ten year vision involves our CSLGLV Community Connection.  Emphasis will be on Group efforts along with continued development of fellowship, Pastoral Care, ceremonies and social events.

CSLGLV will serve the surrounding community with local outreach, the immensely impactful Secret Santa and through sacred service, with all these areas increasingly in demand.

The message of CSLGLV and of the denomination of CSL will be presented in greater ways, reaching more of the local community and beyond to welcome members worldwide.

As you can imagine, the growth that we see happening could cause us to consider moving to a new location, or having a satellite center.  Greater staff will be necessary and because of the growth of the CSLGLV community, that staff will be empowered to work in zones of genius to serve the CSLGLV community to achieve greater Harmony and of course…A World that Works for Everyone.

Stay tuned for more exciting details!