Leadership Council Perspective-Katy Lingo



‘LAS VEGAS, A CITY OF 83 FINE CHURCHES celebrates the opening

“The towering A-frame chapel was designed by Jack Knighton & Associates,
AIA, Architects of Las Vegas.”
“Cornerstone laying ceremonies were held September 7, 1963, with the Grand Lodge of Nevada, Free and Accepted Masons, officiating.”

“More than 10 years ago a charter group…met in the old downtown Elks Club,
with an attendance ranging between 15 and 25 members.”

“Dr. Barclay Johnson arrived in Las Vegas in January 1962, to continue the congregations expansion…
Dr. Johnson built the membership to it’s present 300 and pushed forward with land purchasing
in Paradise Valley and the present building program.”

                                                                                            *Excerpts from the Las Vegas Sun November 2, 1963

Here we are today in the same sanctuary fifty-six years later.  Fifty-six years of Religious Scientists having practiced under this roof.  Imagine how many positive affirmations have been thought, spoken, and sung here; thousands, perhaps millions?  This building has banked a fortune in Divine grace and I could feel it the moment I walked into this soaring room six years ago.  Even before I heard my first affirmation, or before a single note was sung, this place was spiritually fragrant to me.  Today, new construction is going up all around our Spiritual home that was a five and a half acre swath of desert in 1963.  New people will be coming into this area making great the potential for exposure to new members.  The historical and well designed architecture of our sanctuary makes for an appealing contrast to the new highrises going up around us.  Also, apartments and a luxury hotel are in the works as I am writing this.  The Boulevard Mall up the street is being re-invented with new restaurants, shops, and a luxury theater.  With the neighborhood in an upswing, this center should be poised for a flow of new attendees.

Our Center holds significant and important historical value, as well as unique architectural excellence.  But even more so, it has a wealth of spiritual equity garnered over time.  All of these qualities give this center a rich heritage, which is rare and valuable in Las Vegas.  Let’s keep it continuing as part of the new and bright future of Paradise Valley.