May's Theme - Care For The Poor - Compassion

Our theme for May is "Care for the Poor," with the key value being Compassion.  On its surface, this theme above all others this year would seem to borrow most directly from Jesus' life and teaching.  That will certainly be part of our exploration this month, but it goes far beyond that.  Merriam-Webster defines compassion as "sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it."  With that in mind, we see compassion not only as understanding but also wanting to DO SOMETHING about a situation we see as needing change.  That brings our 2019 theme of Spirituality In Action into sharp focus!  So yes, we will be looking at addressing through spiritual means the needs of those in distress, but we will also be diving deep into the idea of bringing compassion to bear in all our interactions.