November's Theme - Spiritually Motivated Moral Leadership - Spirituality

November's theme continues our 2019 intention to put our spirituality into action.  "Moral leadership" is something we as a nation are certainly hungry for, but it's something that starts right here, with each one of us.  Our understanding of how God and this universe work, and our relationship to them -- our spirituality, in other words -- automatically guide and inspire our thoughts and actions into forms of moral leadership in our lives.  So long as what we're thinking and doing harm no one and take nothing from anyone, we're on the right track.  Use this thought from Ernest Holmes to remind you that relying on the Spirit of our understanding gives us true authority:

"Developing confidence in ourselves, in our ability to meet and handle all undesirable situations, requires that we must have confidence in that Something which is greater than we are.  Then we will have spiritual self-reliance.  When this is done the lesser must always submit to the greater.  Weakness will give way to strength, despair will turn to hope, hate will become love, failure will become success, and sickness will dissolve into health.  The action that takes place is not one of despotic or overruling harshness, but one that moves in harmony, love, beauty, warmth, and order, quietly transforming all that is unlike it."  ~Ernest Holmes