I Am Source Code - Workshop

freemanI AM Source Code Workshop with Rev. Dr. Janette Freeman - Sunday, September 22nd - 12:00 noon - $35.00 Rev. Freeman will also be our guest speaker at our Celebration Service at 10:00 a.m.

Access your Sacred Source Code “I AM” directly and allow It to wake you up, lift you up, and empower your life’s expression!

In this workshop, you will be led on a journey to access your own I AM Presence and embody this Presence into your physical body, life and affairs:

  • See and experience how this Source Code will enable you to tap into your Higher Self instantly, so you can clear unconscious programming, and create more consciously.
  • Receive the 3 Source Code Meditations to begin to awaken the sleeping giant of creation and Presence.
  • Access true Self-empowerment and let go of co-dependency and giving away your power to others.
  • Meet face to face your own individualized I Am, you as your future ascended self.  As you identify with this Presence, you will shift realities big time.

FACILITATOR: Rev. Dr. Janette Freeman has nearly 20 years’ experience in spiritual leadership as a New Thought minister and consciousness teacher, author and coach.  She is a popular teacher on the Insight Timer and Breethe apps, and is the creator of The I AM Source Code Teachings.  Her passion is helping people live from their Higher Self in more authentic joy, passion and purpose.