Leadership Council Perspective - Madge Cassel


Each year for the last three years I was asked to be on the Council.  I originally said “No” for the third time when asked this year, because I was starting the second year of Practitioner studies.  However, after some discussions I said “Yes,” knowing that I was ready to expand my role at CSLGLV.  As one of the newer members of the Leadership Council, I am honored and consider it a privilege to serve on the Council.

When I first became a Council member, I was given a binder to look over, and I must say I was a little overwhelmed going through the material!  However, in reading comes the understanding of how the Center can run efficiently. There are the Bylaws, defining how the Membership, Council and Officers function.  There are Policies and Procedures, explaining and defining how everything works, from accounting to office hours to maintenance of the facilities.  It is all covered.  Also, there was the last six months of Council meeting minutes.  They were interesting reading as it gave me insight to the fact it takes everyone on the Council working together to get things done. Finally, the last two items in the binder were the Financials and the Budget.  I think I was a little cross-eyed after looking at all the figures; however, again it was good insight for me to see what it takes financially to keep the Center running.

Before ending this message, I would like to acknowledge the congregation.  When the challenge was given to you by Barbara Schweppe to match her donation, you ran with it.  Then you were challenged again to give over and above your regular giving to fill the deficit.  Again, you met the challenge.  I want to thank all who gave.  I am honored to serve on the Leadership Council of a congregation that is so willing to deliver when asked to participate in things so vital to our Center.