Leadership Council Perspective - Katy Lingo


Greetings Dear Ones!
   This month the Leadership Council had important items on the table to consider from major to minor, but all of them important nonetheless.
   Lynn Frankenberger, RScP is leading a team to bring renowned author and speaker, Marianne Williamson to our Center on January 19th and 20th, 2018.  This event will bring several hundred people to CSLGLV as well as generate revenue and we are excited to be hosting!  A great deal of preparation has already been made by Lynn and her Team and they will be looking for volunteers to help with the event.  Please contact Sabrina Fricks, RScP if you would like to volunteer.
   January is a big month for the Center with "Gourmets for God" events starting up.  The Leadership Council will be hosting Bingo on Friday January 12th, 2018.  Tickets are a mere $10.00 so come one, come all!  This will be a fun family event!  :-)
   Some of you may have noticed the tall pole between the courtyard flower beds and the parking lot in front of the Center.  The pole is a standard, intended to hold a banner and Rev. Doug has proposed a design.  The LC suggested an additional design or two be submitted, allowing a vote on what design best represents our Center's intention.  Stay tuned for standard banner designs to be presented to the congregation.
   We wound down the month of October and the beginning of a new year for the Council with a retreat at beautiful Potosi Pines Camp.  Rev. Laura Hallett facilitated the retreat and engaged us in a series of deep and beautiful meditations.  With Rev. Laura’s guidance, we became closer and more integrated in the many God qualities we seek as the governing body of CSLGLV.
   As always, if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me or any other Council member (including Rev. Doug).