Leadership Council Perspective-Barbara Schweppe


  Happy Summer!

There has been much activity with the Leadership Council this past month.

Joyfull Wow felt she needed to step away and reevaluate her participation at CSLGLV.  In staying true to herself she submitted her resignation.  We wish her well as she commits to a journey of discovery.  Peg Ross is acting corporate Secretary in the interim.

The new collection box has been hung in the lobby.  The Council envisions that all CSLCLV members will drop their spare change, coin or paper, into the box.  The purpose is to support the monthly local outreach project.  Each month, the amount collected will be donated in addition to the funds the Center already presents.

We continue to work with Care and Chuck to develop plans for the fall garage sale/fundraiser.  The musical evening fundraiser spearheaded by Alice LaPeer will be scheduled for 2018 so as not to conflict with Gourmets for God events.

Plans for a rejuvenated sanctuary décor have been approved.  Final details are being completed and the project is expected to be wrapped up in approximately 60 days.

Some of you may remember CSLGLV member Dorothy Bryan.  Before her death, she created a legacy trust and for many years, the Center received contributions from Mrs. Bryan’s trust.  The final contribution was made this month.  The Center and this Council are truly grateful for the funds gifted to CSLGLV.

Michael Scialabba’s business has become increasingly demanding.  He had to reassess his role in the Leadership Council along with his role with the monthly community outreach program.  His decision was to resign from the Council.  He will continue to be in charge of organizing the monthly outreach project.  He will be missed on the Council but we know he has made an important decision for his continued success.

Lastly, after much review of the proposed budget, the Council came to the realization that we must either cut costs, increase contributions or a combination of this to balance the budget.  Otherwise we will continue to draw from reserves.  This cannot continue without consequences. As of May 1, 2017, the Leadership Council, along with Rev. Doug, began a 6 month process aimed at reaching greater impact and positive energy in spiritual leadership, organizational leadership, administrative order, realistic financial transparency and greater denomination identity.  The Council also received input from the finance committee and with much awareness, decided to accept a deficit budget for the duration of the 6 month process.  The budget will be reevaluated at the end of October.  Accountability is a key part of the process and results are expected to show we have improved from our current financial status.

The business of the Center is at times more involved and consequential than at other times, but this Leadership Council...along with Rev. Doug...continue working diligently to be good stewards of CSLGLV.  Feel free to contact any of the Council members if you have questions.