Gourmets For God

g4g IMAGE   CSLGLV is looking for individuals, families or groups to host a party or two between January 1st and July 31st.  These can be any culinary entertainment from a simple gathering such as hot dogs and hamburgers...or pizza and a movie...to an elaborate dinner...or an Oscar night party.  You choose the number of guests, the theme of the gathering, the date, the food to serve and the location. 
   When hosting a Gourmets for God event, you can: Create an event you enjoy * Connect with others with similar interests * Expose others to your interests or hobbies * Raise money for Center for Spiritual Living, Greater Las Vegas! 
   Be part of the FUNdraising!  Though the cost of the event is your responsibility, your expenses are considered a contribution to CSLGLV and are therefore tax-deductible.  Indicate your interest in being a host at the Gourmets for God table on Sunday or Wednesday after service or contact the Center at 702-739-8200.