Coming in August-Return of the Star Tribes

starshipReturn of the Star Tribes Festival - A Gathering of Consciousness - August 4th through 6th

Return of the Star Tribes Devotion to the sky will INSPIRE YOU and enhance your creativity while activating your potential.  Come join us around the mother drum and hold a heartbeat for the planetary changes occurring at this time.  Seven7Sisters unites creative beings from all different genres into one breath, one united voice, one prayer and one collective movement to catalyze positive changes that we need at this time on earth.

This ceremonial weekend is primarily held and led by the lineages of the sacred feminine from different traditions in the world.  Offerings include: Performances, sacred rattle making, shawl dances, Women's Wisdom, mother drumming, Cosmic mass, gridlines/songlines, communicating with star nations, working earth and elemental energies, manifestation techniques, Yoga, Sufi chanting and dancing, Artisan crafts, conscious vendors, energy readings, healing, star knowledge, earth wisdom, ceremony, Pujas, song, Intentional Dance, evening communal delicious vegetarian meals.  A sacred ceremonial retreat container filled with prayer, performances, workshops and offerings of wisdom, knowledge, information and epic tools for raising our personal and planetary vibration.

International performers such as ground-breaking female vocalist Deya Dova, Windwalker, Larisa Stow, Ashley Wynn, Youssoupha Sidibe, Sasha Rose, Manoj Chalam, Johanna Beekman, Alia, Anthony Sirios West, Starsinger, Solus, Tree Hill, Nicole Porcaro, Samantha Fe, Nathaniel, Akasa, Kimberley Bass, Joni Simmons, Jessica Aragona, just to name a few. 

Seven7Sisters Ceremony Singers for Las Vegas are Starsinger, Sasha Rose, Melissa Edwards, Serena Gabriel, Alia, Adriana Magana, Adi Shakti, Amber Ortega, Kimberley Bass with special guest appearances and mother drum support by Windwalker and the MCW. 

Healers Sanctuary, Yahn, Arcturian Vitality Healing, Serena Gabriel, Didge and Acupuncture, Joni Simmons awakening soul work with Dragon Sound Sanctuary Sound and Light Chamber, Jessica the crystal mermaid, crystal and card readings.

When: Friday, August 4th - Sunday, August 6th - 3:00 to 11:00 p.m.

Where: Center for Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas

1420 East Harmon Avenue

Early Bird Cost: $220.00

At the door: $250.00

Day Pass: $70.00 

Night Pass: $54.00

Lodging is not included but Las Vegas is filled with wonderful inexpensive hotels and B and Bs.

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For more information please contact 702-473-0707 or email at [email protected]

CSLGLV is not the producer of this the producer's request, we agreed to advertise the event to our community for those who might be interested in attending.