A Message from the Beacon of Light Bookstore

booksHello from the Beacon of Light Book Store!  My name is Scott Williams Schmidt-Thompson, and I am so excited to be the new manager.  We have already done a massive remodel of the interior design and feel of the store.  You will have to explore and find what’s new in a more boutique feel for your shopping experience.

My amazing husband Larry Thompson has taken my vision and created an expression of that vison into the form of a relaxed and intriguing shopping experience.

You will always be able to find the Book of the Month.  This month it’s Ordinary Goodness by Edward Viljoen.  His book, along with the latest issue of the Science of Mind magazine can be found up front.  Class books and former Books of the Month can also be found up front.  Our founder Ernest Holmes has his own section!  Most of the books are sorted by author’s last name.

I believe the Beacon of Light should be reflective of our vision, A World That Works for Everyone.  In the coming months you will find Hindu, Buddhist, Goddess and Native American gifts.  Crystals and Sacred Stones will be in soon, along with free information classes coming!  A new selection of greeting cards will be coming, along with an expanded section of 12-step books and gifts.  Beautiful Mala Beads and Energy Bracelets are already in, and we have three sizes of white sage back in stock.

Starting in September I will be offering a stamp card for those loyal shoppers: spend $100 and receive 20% off your next purchase–perfect for the holidays!  And check out our 50% off tables.

We have such a variety of inspirational and meditative music from international artists, as well as our own Odyssey, Melvin Macias, and Practitioner Debbie Little!  Do you want to know about Rev. Claire?  We have her book in our store.

As I continue to learn our new system in the next few months, I will be looking for volunteers who would like to give sacred service in a different way.  I personally found great love in giving back and learning with Rev. Laura Hallett showing me the way.  I love seeing the faces of our guests and members along with visitors from out of town.

First-time guests to our Center will get a special welcome gift from the Beacon of Light.

Follow and like us on Facebook – Beacon of Light Bookstore.  Go there for updates and special discounts available only for those who follow us.

It’s an honor and a great privilege to serve you all and I promise to keep it a welcoming space for you to shop, read or just get a hug!