100 Years of Science of Mind

2018 marks 100 years since Ernest Holmes published his first book exploring what eventually came to be called Science of Mind. Join us all year as we celebrate --and continue to practice -- a century of learning, applying, and soaring with the universal principles of this powerful teaching:

  • January: Living the Science of Mind
  • February: Self-Awareness is Not Enough
  • March: You are Rooted in the Divine
  • April: Where Humanity and Divinity Meet
  • May: Spiritual Laws and How to Use Them
  • June: Spiritual Wisdom and How to Follow It
  • July: Revealing Wholeness
  • August: Spiritual Mind Treatment, The Form
  • September: Spiritual Mind Treatment, The Feeling
  • October: Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth
  • November: Freedom From Fear and Error Thinking
  • December: Happiness and Fulfillment