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Sunday Celebration Service

questionSunday, April 22nd - 10:00 a.m. Celebration Service - Rev. Doug Foglesong - "How Old Are You?" with Johanna Beekman as our musical guest!

There can never come a time when we shall stop progressing; age is an illusion, limitation is a mistake and unhappiness is ignorance.

In Truth there is no beginning or end, for there was never a commencement of life in the Eternal and there will never be an ending.  An age is man's measure of a period of experience.

Life cannot grow old.  God - in us, through us and as us - can only express...Perfection.

Wednesday Mid-Week Service

whatifWednesday, April 18th "The Gift of Being Human" with Rev. Claire Summerhill and Doug Roll as our musical guest.

What if they ARE all my monkeys?  What if it IS my circus?  What if we’re all in this together?  Yes, we are human and yes, we live surrounded by an infinite energy that we can access and use.  And yes, we’re all connected….all One!

Our theme for April is “Where Humanity and Divinity Meet.”  Come join us as we explore what Dr. Ernest Holmes taught about living in that miracle space where heaven touches earth, that sacred space where we can know and experience our divine and our human selves simultaneously.

Beacon of Light bookstore meditation 5:15 to 5:45 p.m.

"BUCK-A-BOWL" BETWEEN 5:30 AND 6:30 P.M.....ALL FOR $1.00!!







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