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Sunday Celebration Service

believeSunday, May 20th - 10:00 a.m. Celebration Service - Rev. Doug Foglesong - "The Law of Mental Equivalents" with Jade Vandruff as our music guest!

The measure of our faith in the Infinite is the measure of our capacity to draw from the infinite.  This is why the Great Teacher said: It is done unto you as you believe.”  It is according to our mental acceptance, or mental equivalents-according to our faith-that life manifests through us.”

Wednesday Mid-Week Service


Wednesday, May 23rd "Is Your Mind Up To The Task?" with Rev. Doug and Lynn Frankenberger, RScP and Justin Vogel, RScP as our musical guests.

   Rev. Doug will continue to explore the topic he addressed on Sunday: the Law of Mental Equivalents.  It promises to be even more dynamic and relevant than Sunday's message, because his parents will be visiting for the first time in a long time!  (In fact, if you want to see them and enjoy their energy, you'll have to come to Buck-a-Bowl and the Wednesday service -- they won't be here the following Sunday.)
   The message this evening will acknowledge the challenge it can sometimes be to "change our minds."  We fall into habits -- both beneficial and otherwise -- and changing the thinking that settled into habits can be tough work.  What we also know is it's never too late to exercise the brain muscles...ALL of effect positive change and growth.
   Come celebrate with us.  Rev. Doug will be joined by Lynn Frankenberger, RScP and Justin Vogel, RScP to provide memorable and supportive music.

Beacon of Light bookstore meditation 5:15 to 5:45 p.m.

"BUCK-A-BOWL" BETWEEN 5:30 AND 6:30 P.M.....ALL FOR $1.00!!







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