Youth Group Scoop

youth During March, our children and young people will explore the monthly theme of “The Divine Feminine.”  We’ll talk about “mother nature” and “mother earth” and how the word “GOD” can be used to remind us of both male and female energy.

We are always looking for caring volunteers who are willing to share their love and their passion for truth with our children and teens.  Many who have shared their gifts in this area have commented on how blessed they’ve been by this service.

If you feel called to serve and share in this area, contact Rev. Claire Summerhill of Lynn Frankenberger, RScP.


Springtime and Easter are always a magical time for children.  In April, our theme is “Bright Beginnings.”  We’ll look forward to our annual Easter Egg Hunt, as we discuss how our good, just like hidden eggs, is always available, even if we can’t see it at first.  We’ll remember that each of us is like an Easter Egg, with a magical surprise inside, just waiting to be found.  Pictures with the Easter Bunny will add to the fun.

In addition to the themes of new life and hidden good, we’ll share the Christian stories of the resurrection, reminding children that changing the way we think can change our experience of life, just like coming out of a dark cave into the light.