Youth and Family

kidsEvery Sunday, during the 10:00 a.m. Celebration Service, we provide classes for children and young people from toddlers to teens.  Our young people learn values such as caring, respect, honesty and responsibility, while being exposed to stories and important historical figures from many faith traditions.  We seek to create a safe, welcoming space where children and young people are inspired with a sense of their own power to create what they want in their lives, as we support parents and caregivers in raising self-confident, positive, creative children. 

Our Intention: To provide a loving, fun, supportive place for children, young people, and teens to learn and experience the joy and wonder of living life fully, serving others, and creating the lives they envision for themsleves. 

Our Mission: To awaken all of humanity to its spiritual magnificence. 

Our Vision: We stand together in a shared commitment and devotion to youth and families, and to teaching and practicing spiritual principles and values. 

What we teach our children...

We teach our children that God is all there is; that there is only One.

We teach that God is Life, the Life within each of us and in all Creation; that all are children of the One God regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ability, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression; and therefore all are brothers and sisters.

We teach that God can be called by many names like Divine Being, Being, Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness, Divine Presence, Great Spirit, Goddess, Holy Spirit, Brahma, Higher Power, Love... The name we use for the Higher Power in our lives is not as important as the belief in an ever-present Power for Good. God is Good – all Good – and we are all created in the image of God/Good.

We teach Spiritual Truth as found in all of the world’s major religions and philosophies. We draw upon their wisdom stories, myths, and legends to learn more about the Unity of Life while celebrating diversity.

We teach that God is Love – that God loves us and we love God; we obey God's laws through Love NOT fear.

We teach love, compassion, and empathy.

We teach responsibility that empowers; that Spiritual Laws are to be obeyed just as we obey man-made laws.

We teach that sin is a mistake and when we make mistakes, we experience their consequences, but we are NOT punished for them by God. 

We teach that we are always at choice. We can choose differently and experience different results.

We teach that God is Spirit and present everywhere; that this Spirit is within us and speaks to us through our minds and hearts when we are willing to listen.

We teach that spirituality (and religion) is something to be used every day not just on our chosen day of worship whether it is Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

We teach that a person's spiritual practice can be used anywhere including at home, at school, and at play; that since God is within us, Heaven is also within us; that if we learn to live our lives in harmony with God's Law, we live in Heaven-NOW.

We teach that God's Love heals our sickness and hurt – if we believe.

We teach that God is Truth and Beauty, Peace, and Harmony; that as we grow to be more like God, being clearer expressions of God, our lives are filled with health, happiness and success.

We teach that, “Nothing is too wonderful to happen; Nothing is too good to be true. Everything is possible for God through me and you.”