CSLGLV Practitioners

A Practitioner is a person who answers the Call to live a life that lifts them to a higher consciousness. They are seekers and knowers of the Truth and are the healing arm of the church. A practitioner is a mirror, reflecting the intrinsic goodness that resides within everyone. They realize that every man, woman, and child they come in contact with is an embodiment of Perfection; whole and complete in Spirit. Spiritual practice is a way of life for the individual who sits in prayer for themselves, their congregation and their world daily. They are available to their minister, their church community and to those who cry out in pain and confusion. They are present to serve and to love and to feel God's healing power.

The following Practitioners work on an individual fee basis and  invite you to call on them for private consultation and spiritual mind treatment. They also serve Center for Spiritual Living, Greater Las Vegas and its congregation for no fee through the Ministry of Prayer and other pastoral care activities.                               


Theo Byrns 702-462-9646

Shelia Callum 702-569-5712

Madge Cassel 702-812-4917

Rev. Cyndi DeLong  702-234-4962

Lynn Frankenberger  702-739-8200

Richard Huston 707-235-2763

Jamie Jette 702-539-1185

Karon Lee  702-253-5555 

Debbie Little  702-462-3308

Barbara Lyle 702-595-5553

Kelli Marshall 702-274-5528

Christine Paige 702-690-1547

Fran Peterson  702-508-8642

Judy Poteete 702-321-4325

Michelle Sloan 949-887-7928

Rev. Claire Summerhill 702-588-3852

Justin Vogel 702-561-6157

Stacy Vogel 702-612-8756

*Elmiree Farr Walter 702-732-4013

Rev. Richard Walter  702-732-4013

Claytee White 702-354-6656

Valerie Wiener  702-221-0068

Bobby Williams 702-595-6996

*Emeritus status: Still fully active.  This honorary title is given for long-term service as a Practitioner.